Monday, October 30, 2006

Book Club: 2nd November 2006

This fortnight we are reading the Chapter on 'Eve: Mother of all Living' Pages 1 - 26

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Ames said...

We were a few members short at book club, so we didn't intend to discuss the chapter, and thought we'd wait until next fortnight when everyone was there, however, a few points did come out.

- How did the comments on page 10 'As the weaker vessel, away from her husband, but close to the forbidden tree,, she was in most vulnerable position possible? Did you feel that he was implying that eve was in some way lesser than adam in that she was more vulnerable whilst away from him?

Some of us thought it reminded us of a new testament scripture where we thought it implied that woman may be more gullible, but on going to the strongs we couldn't find the scripture.

It was suggested that it would probably not have been gullibilty but innocence, Eve would have had no concept of evil, and therefore not need to be suspicious.

We spoke about the effect that Feminism has had on the church. Aparently there is a Anglican Group in Sydney called something along the lines of 'equal but not equal' who are trying re educate women on the biblical view of woman hood, and what it means to be a godly women.

We thought it was interesting how the curse on Eve still had hope, in that she would still have children. But it also must have been devestating to see the effect of the fall and of sin, even in the first generation, Cane killing Able, but not only there, but seeing that of all her children only Seth was godly! What a burden to know that it was because of your sin!