Thursday, November 09, 2006

Book Recommendations: Non-Fiction

Recommend your non-fiction book here.


Ames said...

I'd like to recommend the following books, which I've enjoyed and learned a great deal from.

'A Womans Walk with God' by Elizabeth George

Blurb: Do you yearn for a closer walk with the God you so love? For a greater understanding of what it means to walk with Him? For the marks of His presence on your life? Elizabeth George gives practical help for how you can grown in the fuit of the Spirit.

'Loving God with All Your Mind' by Elizabeth George

Blurb: 'Are you frustrated, worried or depressed? Are you unsure of what to do in a specific circumstance? Are you wondering if God isn in charge? No matter where you are or what your situation is, God knows all about it and is with you. And the more you know Him, the more hope, encouragement, and peace you'll have. Join noted Bible teacher Elizabeth George as she explores six powerful Scripture passages that will help you...'

'Classic Sermons on Family and Home' Compiles by Warren W. Wiersbe

Blurb: ' One common factore of many social and cultural problems today is the continuing decline of the family as the vital center for passing on vlues and traditions to another generation. The biblical principals and world view that once formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian culture have come under withering attacks from anti-religious forces. As a helpful resource in retoring biblical values to the family, Dr. Warren Wiersbe has selected a number of classic sermons on the home and family.

'Knowing Where we Stand' by Peter Barnes

'Peter Barnes has written an excellent commentary on John's epistles. It is a thorough, stimulating and informed study of these epistles. This is a valuable tool for pastors, students and Laymen. I heartily recommend it' John D. Currid, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary.

mary eglinto said...

I have been reading a good non-fiction book over the holidays.
I would definitely recommend it.

"Through Gates of Splendor" by Elizabeth Elliot.

This is the story of five missionaries in Equador who died when trying to reach a previously unreached Indian tribe, the Aucas.
I found this book interesting and also challenging, especially as it sets forth the great desire these men had for the gospel to be heard where it had never been heard before.

Taryn said...

Thanks Mary. I read that book a few years ago and loved it as well. I have been a wee appreciater of Elisabeth Elliot's writings. I have just finished reading 'End of the Spear' by Steve Saint, whose Father was one of the 5 missionaries killed. Great book with valuable insight to see 'how' God used the lives of these men to open the gospel gate in this tribe. Fascinating!

Ames said...

Beautiful in Gods Eyes by Elizabeth George

I highly recommend it! I will definately be reading this one again!

Blurb: "Beauty is more than skin deep - it starts in the hear and works outward.

Exploring the timesless wisdom of Proverbs 31, Bible teacher Elizaveth George reveals how you can become a woman of true beauty - a woman who desires to honor God in all that she says and does. Beaugiful in God's Eyes helps you make each day immensely meaningful as you delight in God

Ames said...

12 Extraordinary Woman by John MacArthur,

Since We've just finished reading it in Book Club, I thought I'd also put it on the recommended list!

Ames said...

This book was recommended in our discussions of Luther and His Katie.

Invisible Hand by RC Sproul

Ames said...

I recomend this book:

Jonathan Edwards, a New Biography by Iain H Murray

Ames said...

Thats a Good Question by R.C. Sproul

This book was recommended by Deb in our book discussions on 'The Displine of Grace'

From the Publisher: 'R. C. Sproul, a distinguished theologian and educator, addresses doctrinal points and contemporary issues such as euthanasia, evolution, and abortion.

Ames said...

by Jeremiah Burroughs

Jeremiah Burroughs was a preacher to the great congregations of England in the 17th century. This classic book of his is concerned with promoting the often elusive jewel of peace and contentment in the heart of the believer. 228 pages, from Banner of Truth.

'We live our lives in a discontented world and it is all too easy for the Christian to share its spirit. This book remedies this spiritual disease in practical biblical ways. '

mary eglinto said...

Hi all
A really quite late reply to Miss Taryn, to say I have read "End of the Spear" too - by Steve Saint. And it is indeed a great read. I find it amazing how God used the death of those 5 missionaries and opened up a way into the tribe and how touching that the very men who killed Steve's father are now his surrogate fathers.
Thanks tazza. =)