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Book Club: 22nd February 2007 - Mary: Blessed Among Women

This fortnight in the book club we were discussing chapter 6: Mary: Mother of God

Mary Worship: Mary is different to the other women we have discussed so far because JM had to deal with Mary worship which is so prevalent today, given that Catholicism is the largest religion in the world. Because of the need to dispel the myths and inaccuracy surrounding her he spent a good deal of the chapter talking about the errors of Mary worship and the Catholic view of her. Which meant we didn’t get as in-depth a look at Mary as we have of the other women, which was a little disappointing.

Mary’s knowledge of scripture: We noted how full of scripture Mary’s prayer was (pg 115 – 119). Mary apparently new the scriptures very well, despite being very young.

We also saw that Mary seemed so calm about the announcement that she was going to be the mother of the Son of God. Especially given the circumstances and the culture in which she lived. Being an unwed women, in a time when adulterers and fornicators could be stoned. Was it because of her knowledge of the scriptures and the prophesied Messiah?

We also wondered at how much Mary actually grasped when she stood watching her son dieing at the crucifixion. She must have felt the fulfilment of Simeon’s words ‘yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also’… Luke 2:35.

Christ; God and Man: It is difficult for us to comprehend the truth of Christ being truly God and Man, even with the benefit of the scriptures. It must have been a difficult thing for Mary too. How do you keep sight of him being God when your making his bed, changing his nappy (or whatever they did back then), feeding him, and teaching him how to be a person?

Sometimes it is easy to loose sight as Christ as a real man, but it is good to be reminded. Luke is a great read, to remind us of Christ’s life.

The perfect Son: Jesus provided for his mothers future, even as he was dying on the cross John 19:25-27. It was suggested that some believe that Jesus may have given her to John’s care rather than his brothers because they were unbelievers. However by pentacost it appears they were believers. If this was the case maybe the events of the crucifixion and resurrection confirmed to them all that he had said when they were growing up with him?

These are just a few of our thoughts on the chapter, please share yours with us…

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