Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DGW - Chapter 7 and 8, Contentment and Propriety

Last night we met to discuss chapters 7 (Contentment) and Chapter 8 (Propriety). We'd love to hear what you learned from these chapters.
Here are some of the points we discussed:

Why must godly contentment be independent of circumstances and conditions?

We recognised that are human hearts can never be satisfied by worldly goods and material things, yet that is what man kind is constantly trying to do. We fill up our life with material things and relationships in an effort to achieve contentment. Forever seeking and never finding... which is the exact opposite of the gospel " So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Luke 11:4-14 If we seek the Lord we will find him.
"We were made to know God! the knowledge of God is where satisfaction and pleasure are found. Here's a wise word: "Laughter and gladness are where joy, contentment and gratitude overflow. But in an odd turn, these things proceed from an understanding of the truths of man's utter depravity and the salvation of the Lord." Contentment is found in the knowledge of God!"
Page 84
If contentment was born out of the abundance of our circumstances and conditions, then we all should be the most contented people of all time, as we have much more and better living conditions than any people in history. But the fact is depression, Anxiety, Sadness, dissatisfaction and discontent are everywhere. Why? How can we know God? ... Study Gods word...

WORDS: We also enjoyed the anecdote from John Wesley's life:

'"Once while John Wesley was preaching, he noticed a woman in the audience who was known for critical attitude. All through the service she sat and stared at his new tie. When the meeting ended, she came up to him and said very sharply, "Mr. Wesley, the strings on your tie are much too long. It's an offense to me!" He asked if any of the women present happened to have a pair of scissors in their purses. When the scissors were handed to him, he gave them to his critic and asked her to trim the streamers to her liking.

After she clipped them off near the collar, he said, "are you sure they're all right now?"

"Yes that's much better."

"Then let me have those shears a moment," said Wesley. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I also gave you a bit of correction. I must tell you, madam, that your tongue is an offense to me – it's too long! Please stick it out... I'd like to take some off." '
DRESS: It was encouraging to read that we should dress in a way that is feminine as well as appropriate and modest. It is apropriate to dress like women and celebrate our differences. "The Word of God addresses what women wear precisely because it values girls. Celebrating gender differences highlights a woman's value. Modesty is intrinsically elevating." But modesty doesn't mean that we..."react to the pressure by donning oversized, baggy, mannish clothing ... " page 92 and 93

"Does your apparel reflect your desire for modesty and appropriate femininity? Does your outward appearance reflect your 'new life' as a believer?" Page 102
We noted that we find it difficult to find clothing for our girls in the shops that are modest and appropriate... A business idea to create a girls fashion range that is age appropriate, modest and femanine?
"Because pride is so close to our hearts, it's especially difficult to discern this attitude. How does spending time with God help you see your self with appropriate humility? Would you consider your attitude before God one of "reverent submission"? page 102