Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hi Everyone

To those of you who are following along with the book club, I'm sorry for not posting comments on chapter 4 - 'We died to sin'.

Unfortunately our move happened much quicker than anticipated, and my broadband connection was delayed, so was unable to post.

We did however have a lovely meeting, and we all enjoyed the chapter.

I look forward to our discussions on the next chapter.

I personally found great encouragement in learning that through Christ we have been furnished... 'with all the resources we need to become in fact what we have become in status.' That God has not only ordained our salvation but he has also ordained our good works, our living out of our faith. So let us "'Live out in [our] lives the reality of the gospel. Take advantage of and put to use all the provisions of grace God has given you in Christ'" pg 75

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