Saturday, July 28, 2007

Luther and His Katie - Chapters 3-5

This week we discussed Chapters 3-5 of Luther and his Katie. These chapters provided so much to talk about, but here are just a few thoughts we discussed.

Excitement: Chapter 4 : Catherine was particularly exciting. The author did an excellent job at creating a sense of excitement over the events surrounding Luther. You find your imagination wondering at the way information would have filtered into the convent, rumours, and whispers of revolutionary events taking place outside the walls of their ‘prison’ pg 49. It also demonstrates the rippling effect that Luther’s actions had across Germany and Europe

Awakening: You get the feeling of a world cloaked by darkness, suppressed by superstition, fear, and despair, highlighting the consequence of works based religion, leaving people miserable without hope. Then they are awakened, the light of truth driving away the darkness, and freeing people from the fear of the church and giving them hope in Christ. They began to see the institutions like convents and monasteries for what they really where, and realised “God could be served as well outside the convent as in!” pg 44

The escape: The escape from the nunnery contains all the intrigue of a movie, secrecy, escape, danger, thrill of the chase. The escape of the nuns was sensational. Imagine hearing the whisperings of Luther whilst in the nunnery and then, upon escaping having the man himself endeavour to secure your protection by finding for you accommodation and marriage partners. You get a hint at how vulnerable it was for unmarried women of the time. Marriage was not only for love, but protection and survival.

Providence: We were reminded of God’s amazing providence! It is truly amazing that the very instruments God used to preserve the scriptures, were those that had corrupted true religion, and reduced Christianity to a works based religion of fear.

Other inventions coincided with the reformation such as the printing press, which helped to spread the news. Gods timing is always perfect.

We were challenged to remember Gods providence in our prayers and praise Him, and thank Him for it.

I hope you enjoyed these chapters… I certainly did.
Please share your thoughts with us.

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