Monday, October 30, 2006


This is a place to get to know each other.

Please post a brief message about yourself so that other members can get to know you. Don't be too specific though, don't post your address or phone number here. If you want to get in touch with people privately, email enquries@splitpantsproductions and amy will help you get in touch.

Looking forward to meeting you all!....


Ames said...

Hi everyone!

My name is amy and I'm married with 2 little boys, Sam and Ned. I attend a reformed baptist church and have been going there for over 10 years.

I started this blog, as an off shoot to the ' A Virtuous Woman Monthly Planner' that I've published, which was inspired by our book club. The blog is also a kind of extension to our book club for those who are interested.

Hope you like it... looking forward to meeting more of you... hopefully.


Ames said...

I'v changed the name of the Planner, to 'A Faithful Woman' Monthly Planner. Just thought I'd let everyone know!

Penny said...

Hello All,
my name is penny, i go to the presbyterian reformed church in Adelaide.
I'm looking forward to joining in this Book club- i love reading -when i have time:). I've never been on a blog before, so hopefully i work it out soon enough. See ya round.

Ames said...

Welcome Penny!

Looking forward to getting to know you better :)

I hope you enjoy the book club. If you have any suggestions for books, please make some recomendations on the book Recommendations posts.

Thanks for joining!


Taryn Heath said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the encouragement Ames! My name is Taryn.I am from Adelaide but currently living in Bogota, Colombia. I am attending a Reformed Baptist Church here. Really looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone via this blog and the book club. Will try to keep up as best as I can!

Love to you all.

Rachel said...

Hi All, My name is Rachel and I am a member of the Presbyterian reformed church in Melbourne. I can't wait to read and share thoughts on some good books :-)

Ames said...

Hi Rachel

Welcome to the book club! I look forward to getting to know you!

Hope you enjoy our book club. :)

We will be starting again in february. For our first meeting we will be reading Chapter 5 on Hannah of 'Twelve Extraordinary Women' by John MacArthur.

Have a great Christmas!

Ken Julia Ethan said...

Hi Everyone,

My name is Julia, I'm married and have one son, Ethan (2 years old) and another baby on the way :)

I've always loved reading but kind of have been slack since I started working, but lately I've been inspired to read again and I'm looking forward to hearing all the recommendations by you all!

I attend Edwardstown Baptist Church in St Marys, Adelaide, and have been there for 7 years.

Blessed New Year everyone!


Ames said...

Welcome Julia!

There are others in the book club who used to go to Edwardstown too. :)

mary eglinto said...

Hi everyone,

Now I'm on this blog twice, cos I forgot my password to my last account. Anyway, Hello.

My name is Mary. I attend Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Adelaide and I am currently in third year at Uni.

I have really enjoyed our book club and I hope that we can learn about more great books to read on this blog Amy created.

S White said...

Hi everyone!

My name is Sharon and I'm married with one little girl, Grace and another baby on the way :)

I love to read and have enjoyed reading the book club books and visiting this blog to see the thoughts that others have about the topics and issues raised in the books.

I think Amy has done a fantastic job in starting this blog and in faithfully continuing to post summaries of bookclub meetings; and the Monthly Planner she's published is great - I wouldn't be without it! Thank you Amy - we really appreciate your efforts! :)

deb said...

Hi everyone
I think this is about the 10th time i've done this (perhaps a slight exaggeration!) but it appears all the gremlins are gone - hurray!!!
My name is Debi and I am married to Andrew with two children, Kayla 3 1/2 and Brodie who has just turned 1. I currently attend the same church as Amy and Mary. Penny is my cousin (hi Pen :)). I have been going along to "live" bookclub since it started. I can't tell you what an encouragment and blessing it has been to me. It is so wonderful to spend time with other Christian women - to chat, share, have coffee (:)) and speak of the things of God. I feel heaps closer to all of the girls and am challenged and inspired by them in my Christian walk. I hope to do likewise with this on-line version. Can we do cyber-coffee???
Look forward to getting to know those of you I don't know :)


bizinozi said...


I'm Alison, married to Stephen, with (wait for it), 6 children.
I also attend SGBC, and have most of my life.
It has been really great to be part of this bookclub, and read these relevant books.
It has made the sometimes mundane-ness of life have a special sparkle, when you meditate on the precious truths of God's Word.
Ahh, that just came to me, I must be really tired.

beth said...

Hi everyone,
My name is Beth. I am married and have 3 grown children (so many of you seem to have little ones). I attend a reformed church in Adelaide.

I have been looking forward to joining this book-club because I am unable to get to the live one. I have really been encouraged by reading peoples comments. I have found them a real motivation to read chapters for myself and see what I think.

Thankyou so much
Amy for all the time you put in. You are an inspiration.

I am not a real good writer, but I would like to express my thoughts....


cathy h said...

Hi Amy and everyone.
My name is Cathy and I live in Wollongong in NSW. I have been married to Rob for 31 years and we have 3 sons, (tim 28, nathan 27 and caleb 21) and two grandsons.

I know Deb from some years ago, and I think I am related to a relation of Penny.

I look forward to the reading and discussion here. Thanks for letting me join.

cathy h