Thursday, November 18, 2010

DGW - Chapter 10, The Church

The Church Ch 10

This chapter really reminded us of how important the body of Christ is, and
how interconnected we are. If one of us suffers spiritually or physically,
it does affect the rest. We truly all have a part to play and no matter how
small it may seem, we are a network, a body, a family for the Lord.
It also struck us that being part of the church is a commitment. We should
commit not just to attending church for a certain time on a Sunday, but
should make and invest time into fellowship (and quality fellowship) with
one another.

How wonderful that we are family, children of God and will be a family
together for eternity.

We felt Barbara's section on a woman's role in the church (pg 126-129) was a
good summary and stated what the Bible does say as well as what it does not
say "What is prohibited is preaching, such as is enjoined in Paul's charge
to Timothy, "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season;
correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction"
(2 Tim 4:2) "
(p 127)

How did you feel about this chapter? We'd love to hear your view...
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DGW - Chapter 9, Persaverance

Hi Girls... I was unable to attend the last few book club meetings, but Mary has kindly put together these points of discussion:

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We'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter... here's ours:

Discipline of Perseverance Ch 9

We discussed how perseverance is a decision that we make. Pg 103 - the
pastor and his wife described in the sad story about their children dying,
show this clearly. In that situation they could have sunk under what God had
delivered to them, or they could trust God through it, though it was so very

We also discussed TRUST - how we can put our trust in God in hard times, not
that WE will persevere in and of ourselves, but that we trust God provides
all we need to persevere, and that He Himself will keep us.

One observation on perseverance that was mentioned was how God prepares us for the BIG things we will face in our lives by teaching us to persevere in
the little things day by day.

Sometimes it can be harder to persevere in the little things (especially
when we seek to do them in our own strength). Often it is in the big things
that come into our lives that we draw closest to, and rely on God fully,
because it shows us clearly our reliance and dependence on Him to get

We found it an encouragement on p 106 that Christ prays for us, and this can
comfort us to persevere.

Pg 106 - the description of Nancy's "5 years in the sifter" shows that
trials can be ongoing and there may be no end in sight and sometimes we may not feel like God is with us through them, but we must 'hang in there'.
"give thanks in all things" "rejoice in the Lord always" - reminds us how
our attitudes to trials can be a wonderful means of witnessing to God's
goodness in hard times.

We discussed how perseverance means knowing you are completely submitted and at rest in God's circumstances He has placed in our life. We do not persevere in the hope that things will change, but persevere through the trials because it is the way God moulds us and causes us to grow in grace.
Spiritually we will grow, though physically at times, we may continue to

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