Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gods Path Through Your Trials - Section 1

Hi Everyone

I know we've already started the book, and I'm very late with my posts. Sorry... morning sickness is keeping me from my computer!

In the first two meetings we discussed the first section 'Becoming a Joyful Woman'.
I've enjoyed it, but we decided to read 4 chapters at a time, as after reading 'The Discipline of Grace' we found this book a lot lighter reading.

following are a few quotes that I found helpful... would love to hear what you all thought.

"I have learned several things about this "counting". First, counting a trial as joy is done with the mind... not the emotions. It is a matter of faith, not of feelings. It is a mental discipline and it is a matter of sheer obedience." page 16

"How strong is you faith and trust in God? Your trials and difficulties are a golden opportunity for joy. You can face your problems with a positive outlook! You can be joyful even when your whole world seems to be falling apart! How? You know the answer by now: Count it all joy. This puts you on God's path through your trials." Page 29

Sounds like a good time to do a bible study on James!

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