Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mary Magdalene: Delivered from Darkness

A few thoughts we discussed this week:

Mary Magdelene Myths: It was interesting to note how many of us had been influenced by the story’s about Mary that have been popular without realising that they were groundless, like her being a prostitute and the woman caught in adultery, or that she was the woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair.

Why has Mary Magdelene become such a popular figure and the subject of Myths? How many people today do believe or want to believe the myths revived by the Da Vinci Code? Whilst working I was often told by unbelieving friends that I should read the Da Vinci Code; that it would challenge my faith. Having read it, it amazes me that people can believe it to be fact, and yet they do.

How merciful of God to omit the details of Mary’s past pg 175 “Scripture Deliberately and Mercifuly omits the macabre details of her dreadful demon possession.” The bible only tells us what we need to know. That Mary had a lot to be thankful for. It was also noted that the women caught in adultery has also been protected, due to the fact that people have attributed her acts to Mary.

Pg 187 “We can be certain that whatever travelling arrangements were made for the group, Jesus’ name (as well as the reputations of all the mend and women in the group) were carefully guarded from anything that might hint at any reproach. After all, Jesus’ enemies were looking desperately for reasons to accuse Him. If there had been any way whatsoever for them to drum up doubts about the propriety of Jesus’ relationships with women, that issue would have been raised.” Surely if there had been any inappropriate relationship between Mary and Christ , as is suggested by the myths surrounding Mary, this would have been something that would have been used to accuse Him, as they sought to have him killed.

Mary’s love for Christ: I was moved by the devotion and love of Mary as she followed Christ pg 181. From the site of his execution, to his burial and then to the tomb in the early hours of the morning. She loved him so much. Don’t we have just as much to love him for? He has saved us from Hell! How devoted are we?

Recommended Reading:
There were a few books recommended during our discussion

Does God Believe in Atheists by John Blanchard
The Sufficiency of Scripture by Noel Weeks
Breakfast On The Beach : Empty Tomb And Subsequent Glory by Trumper Peter.

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